"Great book by a great guy." NPR

"Hitchhiking books fit better in a genre of alternative travel books, with Jack Kerouac’s On The Road, Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods and Robert Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. To that list of fun and funny and moving and important books, we should add Colin Flaherty’s Redwood to Deadwood, a 53-year old dude hitchhikes across America. Again." -- hitchwiki.org 

"Great book by a great American writer."  J. Stryker Meyer, #1 Amazon best selling author of Across the Fence: The Secret War in Vietnam.

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Hitchhiking across America, hitchhiker
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Redwood to Deadwood: Hitchhiking Across America.

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Some hitchhiking friends from along the way.

Hitchhiking across America

On their way to Little League with their kid in the back.

Hitchhiking across America with Colin Flaherty

Hey Jordy, wassup?

Hitchhiking across America

Weight on the front foot, please.

Colin Flaherty Redwood to Deadwood

All aboard.

Hitchhiking across America Hagerstown

Heroes of Hagerstown.

Hitchhiking across America with King of All Truckers

The King of All Truckers

Hitchhiking across America with Colin Flaherty

Thanks for the lift. Catch some Walleye for me in the Great North. Watch out for Judy!

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Redwood to Deadwood,

an excerpt:

"Before I tucked my thumb in for the final time, I'd run with wild horses. Visit a pot farm. Hunt big game. Poach big game. Get by a police helicopter. Get info family feuds. Ride in cop cars. Reconnect with old friends. Make new ones. Get tired and exhilarated. Lost and found. Kicked out and invited in."

"I know how to cook muskrat, squiirrel and rockchuck. And oh yea, I almost got killed.

All from hitchhiking around the country for three months.


Writers on Flaherty: 

"Colin Flaherty is a strong favorite."  

David Ignatius

Washington Post Columnist.

New York Times Best Selling Author

"Funny. Moving. Adventurous. Great read."

John Stryker Meyer 

"Flaherty is one of the best writers in America."

Jimmy Lee Shreeve

Author of Dr. Snake

“Colin Flaherty is one of the best reporters I've ever worked with. "


Christi Dunn

Former Editor

San Diego Business Journal


Readers react:  

"GREAT!! I don't read a lot of books. But I had a blast with you in your book."

Andrew Stehl

Maui, Hawaii


Ok all you readers. If you like Bill Bryson or James Herriot, you will love Colin Flaherty. This book will make you laugh out loud and you will read it over and over. I rarely to never read anything written after 1780, and totally gave up finding new things to read. 

Colin is just a great writer. 

The book is smart and funny and crisp and very entertaining. Many thumbs up.

         Abby Kogler
         San Diego

I’ve been reading your book .. I really like it. Finally got to and finished the "Colin Chronicles." The usual Flaherty brilliance...nuanced and insightful w/ several dashes of adventure


How fun.. to be writing about hitchhiking. I couldn't stop reading. I'm jealous, and I loved it! I felt as though I could see the discussions as they happened. Can't wait to go back and read more.. isn't that what a good book does???


Terry Lynch

San Diego, California


“He's hitchhiking around the ....U.S..... for a new book. Crazy adventures, wild characters. It's all there. And Colin really is one of the best writers in the ....U.S..... He was once holed up in a cell with Hunter S. Thompson.”


The story was pretty scary about your adventure with the guy that grew pot and had bayonets and guns..YIKES... Lucky you left there alive.”


Jimmy Lee Shreeve

Best selling author

Norwich, England



I downloaded Colin Flaherty's book "Redwood to Deadwood" to my Kindle ... I love it so much, I can't stop reading ... if you've ever thought about hitchhiking across the country, this is the book for you ... it's a first hand experience ... as he expresses personal thoughts ...he takes the reader along with him ... as he has fun and faces a few challenges ...


Hooray ... I love it ... thanks for the ride with you ...It's a fun, can't put down book ...


It's also very sensitive as he bares his soul on various topics ... especially losing his brother in Vietnam when he was 12 years old ... sometimes I laugh out loud and other times cry ... that's what makes it a good book by a guy who knows how write ...


I think it's a "cannot put down book.

Am gonna read the last 1/4 book over some wine ... I've enjoyed the journey ... even a tinge jealous, knowing that I'll never do that but am glad you took me along with you ... you're a terrific writer ...


Arleen Carlin Tuchscher

Very entertaining - the short chapters work great with the subject matter. You're one of the best writers I know, with what is really a signature style, all your own.


Marie Lasater




Hey, finished up the first draft the other night and it was great. Loved it. I liked the flow of the  book, the syntax and the stories were just great! It really had a voice. What a wild few months you had.


I find myself crying over your story of your brother. The visual picture and the emotions were eloquently communicated by your writings; it was very moving. 
Thank you for writing that piece. I am certain it was hard to do.


Susan O’Brien


"It’s not the kind of thing we usually read, but one of the members said she heard about it from a friend in York, who heard about it from a friend, and on and on.

"It has an usual combination of humor and pathos and adventure that the author, Colin Flaherty, experienced during his recent three-month trip where he hitchhiked across the United States.

"Hitchhiking? Who the heck does that any more anyway? The guy was 53-years-old for cripes sake. The book is half Kerouac, half Dave Barry, and half whoever your favorite “moving” author is. That’s too many halves, isn’t it? Oh well.

"It was one of the most unusual and satisfying books our club ever read. We liked it. 

Janet Jay



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